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Anime Rewatch #2 Results: Cowboy Bebop

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That’s right. The next rewatch, starting tomorrow, is gonna be Cowboy Bebop. I’ve personally never seen it and am planning to join in on this one. It’s been hyped up as a pretty good show. Anyway, you can watch it on FunimationHuluCrunchyroll, or wherever you normally watch your shows. And if you’re a more physical kind of person, you can pick up the box set!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the first episode!

  • Sparky 12

    Yes, I started watching this but got distracted halfway through. Now I can finally finish it.

    • Shrow

      Same. I do that all the time with anime. I need to go back to anime I’v half watched.

      • Noah James

        Literally same. I’m exactly at the halfway point and needed motivation to watch it.

  • Shrow

    YESSSSSSSS I finally have a motivational reason to watch this!

  • gonna watch this