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Anime Rewatch #2: Cowboy Bebop- Episode 2

Here we go. It’s dog time. Or at least that’s what the title card says. Who knows, there may not actually be a pupper in this episode. You should watch and tell me.

Head on over to FunimationHuluCrunchyroll, or wherever else and then come back here to talk about it.

Discussion and spoilers below.

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  • AlienWarhead

    Alright episode, but I wonder why Spike didn’t learn about the data in the dog from the bounty show

    • Shrow

      I think Spike missed the broadcast since it’s implied he came in the ship after. Also Jet did say “But you’re the one who brought him back here.” Which may mean that secretly Spike didn’t want to get rid of the dog.

  • Shrow

    Wow i’m really liking this series, i’m gonna watch ahead for fun.