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Anime Rewatch #2: Cowboy Bebop- Episode 1

Image result for cowboy bebop episode 1 title card

Oh man, episode 1. I can’t wait. And I’m sure you can’t either.

Today, as the title and first paragraph suggest, we’re starting our rewatch of Cowboy Bebop, and on episode one as well. How about that.

Go watch it at FunimationHuluCrunchyroll, or some other preferred site, or maybe even the physical copy if  you have it.

Discussion and spoilers down below.

  • GoldenMorpho

    The only thing I knew about Cowboy Bepop until now was that it was a classic and took place in space. I look forward to watching future episodes.

  • AlienWarhead

    It has been a while since I watched this, but I haven’t seen every episode, so some things will be new. I first watched it on Adult Swim and then a few other places I don’t remember. Anything the art style is still fantastic and I probably appreciate it more, but on Funimation it’s not in full screen and probably not in HD. The action and story are still great, the dub is still a great classic, but the Lady in this episode wasn’t great, I still love hearing Spike again.