Welcome (Back) to Desu Daily!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Desu Daily is back!

It has been far too long, my friends. But since the last site shutdown, we’ve licked our wounds, put the gears back in motion, and rebuilt from the ground up (and how with automatic backups)! ‘Tis surely a good day to be a Desu Daily / anime fan.

If you’ll check out the staff page, you’ll see the lovely members of that have returned to work on the site, and since I know you’re all itching to submit content and press kits and all that jazz, check out the submit page.

This time around, we’re taking a more casual approach to things. No one is being held to any rigid schedule or posting quotas, so we’ll see how that works out. There may be 2 posts one day, or there may be 20! Who knows.

Regardless, welcome everyone back to Desu Daily. Hopefully, we’re here to stay.