Press Release: Nutaku Offers $10M to Game Developers to Add Mature Scenes to their Games


Now here’s some juicy news! Publisher Nutaku is offering $10 million to game developers for putting mature scenes into their games.



Investment fund will provide financial support for converting games into 18+ titles

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (November 16, 2016) – Online game publisher Nutaku announced today the launch of a $10 million investment fund to expand the western adult gaming industry by enticing developers to produce “not safe for work” (NSFW) versions of their games.

The fund will pay developers the full cost of introducing nudity and sex scenes into their high-quality games. This will further Nutaku’s objective to expand the platform’s selection of adult games available to mature players.

Love Money Rock ‘n Roll

“The goal of this significant investment is to jumpstart an industry with incredible potential,” says Robert Mann, Nutaku’s Communications Manager. “Adult gaming is uniquely poised for enormous growth, with consumers demanding more premium content, but developers have previously suffered from limited exposure due to the lack of distribution platforms. We are creating a space for gamers and studios to explore a new territory bursting with consumer interest.”

Nutaku’s investment fund will target free-to-play titles ripe for adult game conversion, bringing “enhanced” editions to market through the company’s expanded content publishing capabilities. Popular gaming titles in the action, adventure, role-playing, strategy and roguelike genres have been identified by the brand as particularly receptive to the introduction of 18+ content. Games considered for adaptation will be judged by a number of metrics, including a positive rating from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Steam or other portals, alongside positive critic reviews and enthusiastic community support.

In the oversaturated gaming app market, millions of games compete for exposure and less than 1% of studios produce a financially successful product. By contrast, Nutaku’s rapidly growing user base of over 23 million monthly users are hungry for new content, resulting in over 90% of games with adult editions earning back their initial investment within 3 months. Previous NSFW conversions, such as the dating sim “Crush Crush,” proved to be a breakout hit on the gaming portal.

Crush Crush

The $10M funding initiative follows on the heels of a successful Nutaku-backed investment campaign which successfully distributed $2M to adult game developers, contributing to the production of several released and upcoming adult titles. This includes notable projects such as “Harem Heroes,” “Road Redemption,” “Fist of Jesus,” “Shards of Eradine,” “Girls on Tanks” and more. For further information regarding these projects visit the Nutaku website:

Read the official Nutaku website announcement here:

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