Preorders Open for “Squirrel Girl” Bishoujo Statue


Kotobukiya has added a new figurine to their Bishoujo line of Marvel Comic’s superheroines and villains! Squirrel Girl has joined the others with this design interpretation based off of an illustration by Shunya Yamashita. The 1/7 scale Bishoujo figurine is approximately 5.5 inches tall (about 140 mm) and can be preordered now through the Kotobukiya Online Store for $74.99.

“Doreen Green first appeared on the scene in 1992, tracking down Iron Man to impress him with her abilities in an attempt to become his sidekick. As Squirrel Girl she has a big, bushy tail, heightened agility and fighting prowess, and of course her signature ability to communicate with squirrels!

Doreen celebrates her squirrel love as she takes a break from her GLA duties to hang out with one of her best friends: Tippy-Toe. The unique heroine kneels on the ground in a super cute pose, resting on her knees and her toes underneath her. Squirrel Girl holds her tiny companion on her outstretched hand so she can gaze into the animal’s eyes, and of course behind her is her massive squirrel-like tail! Her distinctive costume is in full effect with olive tights, fur-lined dark brown boots and a tan one-piece outfit, a utility belt with pouches, and a short leather jacket. Squirrel Girl also wears an adorable headband outfitted with squirrel ears and acorn earrings while Tippy-Toe has her own accessory, a pink ribbon around her neck! Every aspect of this Bishoujo presentation is intricately sculpted and detailed from clothing elements to fur and hair and of course Squirrel Girl’s silly buck-toothed expression.”

This figurine is also available on other sites, like AmiAmi, so pick whichever is most comfortable for you if you do decide to buy it. She will be officially released in May 2017.

You can find more pictures after the break!

Source: Kotobukiya Facebook Page