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  • Heyo! Shadoo is here!

    • AngelSassin

      DUDE. What’s happenin m8?

      • Not much. Watched 4 CG episodes in a row so I could join the rewatch, and now I’m just waiting for about 90 GB of information to be transferred from a PC to another, for reasons.

        How goes it, Sass?

        • AngelSassin

          I goes it well :3. I’m getting on the rewatch right now for my analysis #4, which make no sense, but give me some sense of completion and fulfillment.

          Also, thats some nice file-transfer. What are you transferring ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

          • Literally all the info that was stored on my mom’s old netbook. She has a new PC, but no time to sit around for the transfer, so I’m doing it for her.

  • AngelSassin

    Duuuuude, nice. VERY nice. send pics of figma when arrived :3

    What music album?

    • Shabrys

      They’re a kpop group. I don’t expect you to have heard of em ;v

  • Noiiiiice!

    How did the birthday-ing go, Shabs?

    • Shabrys

      Nothing much happened. We celebrated yesterday.

      None o my buds remembered except one that I talked about it constantly w another bud.(the 2nd bud doesn’t go here.)

  • noice. I saw some [email protected] figmas for 30 dollars a little while ago. I wish I bought em in retrospect

    • $30 dolla Figmas? DAAAAAYUM! I wish I could get them that cheap!

      • Yeah. Mistakes were made.

        • Shabrys

          The lucky star figmas are like 30$ atm,go look at em
          My Miyuki was in the high 20s

  • Shabrys

    I’m kinda tempted to buy the Chinese version of Lotto…just because.
    (Exo does their songs in Korean and Mandarin Chinese. They’re in separate albums.)

  • Still 20 GB to go on this transfer… DANG!

    • Shadaroo


      • Bby, nu.

        • Shadaroo

          But it’s like
          Sleep times

          • It is, but I like chatting ;-;

          • Shadaroo

            Let’s chat then bby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

            What ya been up to?

          • Things like connecting with people and socializing. That was fun. Also, I need to get the hooves right on your cow girl :T

          • Shadaroo

            Hooves are difficult to draw I’d imagine


          • Danke. It’s actually the underhoof that I find tricky… mostly because I can’t find many references.

          • Shadaroo

            I suppose there’s not many pictures of a cow’s underhooves.

            The struggle of an artist

          • Ye… BUT GANBARIMASU!~

  • Shadaroo

    >tfw Strep throat twice in one year


    • odam

      I’ve never gotten strep

      • Shadaroo

        It starts off as just a weird feeling, and you assume it’ll just go away. Then the next day is fine.


        Cough drops are my savior

        • sounds rough, don’t die bbu

          • Shadaroo

            Doin’ mah best

            I’ve been missing the rewatches tho

          • ya gotta keep up mang

          • Shadaroo

            Will try to when I’m not longer sick. Which is hopefully soon.

            H O P E F U L L Y

          • Good luck my man

    • Odam. Get well soon <3

  • Brian Punch

    Reminds me of the app image