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  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    Today, I watched the Strike Witches movie. It fascinates me that this franchise has had less fanservice with each installment.

  • I’m probably gonna watch the new CG soon. I’ll also get Dead Rising because it seems fun

  • Guys
    I found /tg/ and I have homework
    Send help


    • Shrow

      Do your homework.
      You’re welcome.

  • Shrow

    Anime girls with guns. How am I not surprised?
    How’s everyone doing?

  • Sparky 12

    We should start movie rewatch again. I’m in the mood for anime movies.

    • AngelSassin

      I’m down for movie rewatches. I haven’t seen all that many, and I need to.

    • Yeah we should. I’ll talk to Alex about it

    • I’ll start it up next week

  • Shabrys

    Tldr:good day. Had a party. Lotsa leftovers for tomorrow. <3
    This song is still great.

  • AngelSassin

    GUYS. We’re all watching the rewatch, right? HOLY COW, this third episode is fantastic!

    • Shrow

      Forgot about the rewatch, I get to watching it right now.