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  • Reisen_Udonge

  • Shadaroo

    I’m 500% sure The Legend of Zelda cartoon was not made in Japan.

    • I ran out of ideas

      • Shadaroo

        >tfw ran out of anime
        Ninja you’re fired

        • no please I’ll do more Love Live

          • Shadaroo


          • if I remember

  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    Frenetic fanfic writer here. I’m currently editing the second chapter of the second arc of my fanfic. Planning to post it tomorrow. If you have any questions or opinions to share, now’s the time.

  • Why is the NES Classic more expensive than the original? I just wanna play retro games

    • Eh I can just buy an NES controller that works with PC

      • NoTimeForThatCrap

        Because it’s not. It’s not at all. What are you even talking about? The original NES was $80 in it’s initial release around 1985. Also only came with ONE game, (Maybe two if you bought the $140 “NES Action Set with a Zapper and Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt). And didn’t have HDMI, ever (Becuase High Resolution did not exist). This has 30 GAMES bundled in with it.

        ALSO, EACH of those 30 games cost FAR FAR FAR less a piece when you factor in the price of the entire NES Classic as a whole, then the original NES carts IF you were to track down all 30 on eBay, which can get into at least hundreds of dollars plus an original console now (Since some of the 30 games bundled with the NES classic THEMSELVES can go as high as $120 dollars for some of the rarer titles). If you wanted MORE than the 30 games that come with this system on an ORIGINAL NES (with no HDMI), then to get the best or rarest titles, you are looking at an investment of literally THOUSANDS of dollars, at the very least.

        AND to add on to that, each NES game, when factoring in the total price of the NES Classic at $60, is 2 ENTIRE DOLLARS LESS for each and every single one of the 30 games than then cost on the Wii or Wii U virtual console right now. So, it’s not more. It’s not more at all. It’s actually FAR FAR FAR FAR less, and the single best, money saving bargain you will ever get for this.

        But then again, I see you’re just another scumbag thief that steals the roms for free, illegally. Nevermind. In addition to not being able to do simple math or see a clear bargain when you see it, you’re not a gamer and you don’t care about the industry, nor respect classic gaming at all. My mistake.

        • I understand where you’re coming from. But to my knowledge the NES Classic Edition is sold out everywhere and a ton of scalpers are selling them for hundreds of dollars per unit. As a concept the NES Classic Edition is much cheaper than the original but since it sold out immediately, it ended up becoming much more expensive. Even if I bought those copies on ebay, all I would be doing is supporting the scalpers, not only not have enough money for it, buying it would only do the industry worse. I respect classic gaming however nowadays people have nostalgia fury and people owning the games will sell them at a high price. I want an authentic experience without shelling out my wallet. I would love to support the industry I just, can’t. Thanks for the long and detailed response.

        • Alexstrazsa

          It’s entirely unrealistic to expect people to legally buy games that are 20+ years old. Something from 5 or 10 years ago? Sure, that’s probably still readily available. But an original NES cartridge? Yeah right.

  • Wow this died fast.

    • Snugglesgodofdeath

      I blame myself.

  • Brian Punch

    I met this series through memes XD