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  • ultimateAI

    This is my first time contributing to one of these; how does it work, again?

    • Shrow

      bring up a topic, see if other people will reply.

    • Yo.
      I’m surprised people even lurk here anymore.

      • ultimateAI

        I wanna keep it alive!

        • Eh, hopefully we can get it up and running again like previous versions of the site.
          A lot of that just depends on how willing the bloggers are and getting back into the swing of making daily posts.

  • Shrow

    Heya, how’s everyone doing?

    • Hey.

      • Shrow

        How’s life?

    • ultimateAI

      Not bad, saw the love live movie over the weekend.

  • GoldenMorpho

    Hi! I’m new to the comment section of DesuDaily!
    Love the header. Magi is my favorite anime and manga. (I… I did not make an account just to say that!)