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Nightly Discussion #19

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I started playing Hyperdimension Neptunia again so there ya go. Also on a side note this is the 100th post ob the new site.

Discuss anime video game waifus below!

  • Black Friday happened. Nothing I could afford was on sale so I bought Persona 4 Golden. Apparently, the physical one is cheaper than the download for some reason.

    • Shrow

      Did you buy on amazon or local store?

  • Heyo!

    • Shrow

      How ya doing?

      • Hi Shrow! Ya good?

        • Shrow

          I’m doing pretty good actually.

          • Nice! Any reason in particular?

          • Shrow

            well my brother got back home, Friday went well (usually it doesn’t) and my night was pretty nice. Right now I’m just spending the rest of it playing dark souls so i’m pretty happy.

          • Haha, awesome!

  • Shrow

    Heya, I’m not late to the ND yay.
    It’s Friday and this was much better then the last one.
    My friend wanted me to buy Witcher 3, it’s on sale right now but I’m not sure if I want it. Did anybody here play Witcher 3 and would they recommend it?

    • I haven’t played The Witcher 3, but I have a friend who owns it and says it’s good, so I’ll take his word for it.

  • Reisen_Udonge

    wew Black Friday was a thing.
    30% off books at B&N so I bought books. Delicious delicious books

    • why didn’t I think of that

      • Reisen_Udonge


  • RIP ND

  • Brian Punch

    Good Night

    • Shrow

      Nighty, night