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  • I haven’t done anything today.

  • AngelSassin

    I need to do the rewatch still. Today was needlessly stressful, and now I have to go party at some person’s house…

    • Shadaroo

      Hope the party is fun bbu! If not, at least afterwards you get to sleep, which is pretty much the greatest thing in the world after a stressful day.

  • Shadaroo
    • Hey bby~

      You still around?

      • Shadaroo

        YOU KNOW IT~
        I’m not sick anymore! (i think) BLESS!

        How you been bby?

        • Good. Lots of family stuff for me lately. That’s really fun.

          • Shadaroo

            O dang, family stuff fun times? Noice. Have a taco picnic?

          • No, but there have been birthdays, and movies, and junk. It’s nice.

          • Shadaroo

            And junk?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • Yes, that junk is in the works, too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I’m almost at the part in Persona 3 where you save Fuuka

      • Shadaroo

        AM PROUD

        Now you can see her bootiful polygon body.

        • YE
          that’s where I stopped at P3P because I was under leveled focusing on social links and other stuff

          • Shadaroo

            Now you know
            AND KNOWINGS HALF THE BATTLE (grind forever now)

            Or use a guide to know what level you should be before stopping. That’s what I did.

          • Oh I never thought about that

          • Shadaroo

            Ye boi! If ya want a guide I could always write one up for ya. The wiki has all the info, so I could give ya that too.

            Or you can just keep doing it how ya do it. Brute forcin’ it.

          • I mean, if you want to. I’ll probably do what I usually do in most games and just do most stuff on my own and get help for bosses and junk

          • Shadaroo
          • Shrow

            I need to play persona one day. Where should I start?

          • Shadaroo

            They’re all separate stories, so may as well start wherever ya want.

            Persona 1 and 2 are both super old and very grindy and punishing. Wouldn’t recommend starting with those. They’re on PS1 and PSP btw.

            Persona 3 is older and more dated, but is praised among fans for having the best and most satisfying story. It’s on PS2, PS3 Store and PSP/Vita.

            Persona 4 is the most popular one and has the better gameplay. It doesn’t have as bold of a story as P3 seemingly does, but that’s not to say it’s not a great story still. It’s much more fun and lighthearted than P3. It’s on PS2, PS3 Store and Vita.

            Persona 5 is the most recent one and it’s coming out in April. It’s gameplay is super good and the tone is somewhere inbetween P3 and P4. Overall it seems like the best one, personal nostalgia/feelings aside. It’s on PS3 and PS4.

            Pick your poison.

            I personally suggest P4 is the best place to start, as it’s where I did. Totally up to you tho, waiting for P5 is completely reasonable as well.

          • Shrow

            Maybe I’l start with P4, I have a PS2 and a PS4 so I’m going to need to buy the original game to play it.
            Guess I’l start looking
            Edit: just found one on sweet

          • If the PS4 has all the PS2 games the PS3 has, Persona 3 FES is only 4 bucks

          • Shadaroo

            PS4 doesn’t have any PS2 Persona games, actually.

            It makes me cri.

          • o rly.
            das dumb

          • Shadaroo

            is tho

          • Shrow

            Awwww rip

          • Shadaroo

            If ya can, Amazon has it for like 15 bucks

            If Amazon ain’t an option, good luck on your quest boi!

          • Shrow

            remember the shipping cost since I live in Maple land

          • Shadaroo

            dang tru
            that makes it like
            500000000 dollars


          • Shrow

            5$ more and a pain in butt drive to the border-ish

          • Shadaroo

            O DAM
            Maple land pls

  • >Gekken

    Ninja pls.

    Also, hey everyone!

  • Shadaroo

    “Watched a movie I liked/disliked” – NightShadow154 November 17th 2016

    • I have no other way of saying it, though. The speculation was interesting. The story was “meh” at best.

      • Shadaroo

        What movie was it tho?

        • Arrival. The story went beyond what my willing suspension of disbelief (and I found it a bit dumb at the end), but the whole part where they go full speculative fiction (as in, “this is what we thought could happen if we were to come across a situation like this”) was really, really good.

          AM CONFLICTED.

          • Shadaroo

            OH DAYUM! I’ve been wanting to see that! I would ask more about it, but dun wanna spoil it. Will pick this discussion back up when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

            Overall was it good tho?

          • Yes. I think the wonderful approach to the whole “first contact” aspect outweighs the reather mediocre story. Don’t go expecting the next Independence Day-style invasion film, tho. It’s more in the style of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

          • Shadaroo

            That’s what I want tho! Am hype!

  • Shrow

    Well for my day I decided to stay home and skip my first class because it was a work period, however I ended needing some help with the assignment and it turns out I have an appointment at 12:30. SO I ended up going to school anyways but good news is; I spent a nice relaxing 2 hours in the morning working on the project, then when I got to school I was able to catch the teacher before he left and ask all the questions. Then after my appointment I had 3 hours to spare before my last class. In that 3 hours I made very good use of my time and manage to get some good work done. Then when in class, there was a quiz I forgot study for but my good luck doesn’t end and it turns out the teacher’s file for the quiz got corrupted allowing me another week to study.
    I had a very good day.
    How’s everyone else’s day going?

    • Shadaroo

      “it turns out the teacher’s file for the quiz got corrupted allowing me another week to study”

      How can one man be so lucky?

      • “Good Luck Boi”! The next smashing hit in Desu Daily’s original works that no one watches!

      • Shrow


  • Guitar solos kill the Shadoo.


  • I DID IT.


    • Shadaroo


      • “It”

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        • Shadaroo

          I rarely do “it” and then yell HA afterward.



        • Shadaroo

          AM PROUD OF YOU

          • DANKE

          • Shadaroo

            Oh hey now you can watch the first Persona 3 movie! It plays up to that fight and a liiiiittle afterward!


          • Noice

  • PrettyPrincess99


    • ‘Ello there, newcomer! How are you?

    • Shadaroo

      Pretty Princess come back pls

  • Ranun

    some time ago on discord Desudaily channel
    I asked for something simmilar to Nichijou
    someone replied Teekyuu
    This thing is no way simmilar…
    it’s short, low quality, totally random and defies any laws of logic