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  • Shadoo sez: Halloo!

  • One day I will post again

  • Well, I played Persona 3 FES for most of the day.
    Got to the second block but it was too strong and I died, I’m pretty salty because I was right next to the point where you could return and a shadow encounter locked me into a bunch of crits not letting me escape.

    Fuck this game

    • Shadaroo

      G G

    • Shabrys

      Make sure to do as many quests as possibleeeee.

  • Shadaroo

    Still sick
    Sky still blue

    • Not sure if that’s good or bad, but HEY BBY!~

    • Shrow

      You’re still sick? Have you been treating yourself with meds? It could be serious.

      • Shadaroo

        I’ve been taking what I can, but to get anything serious I’d have to go get checked up, which is no fun-zone. Plus I’ve had strep before, I should be fine.

        • Shrow

          Oh I understand, American doctors can get very expensive.
          Get well soon buddy

          • Shadaroo

            TANK YOU!

  • Shadaroo

    Side note, Youtube’s search engine has a new font for the video results. It’s tall.

  • Shrow

    How’s everyone doing?
    Tried to play overwatch earlier, I remember the devs clearly saying they wouldn’t have a team deathmatch like gamemode, but due to popular demand I guess they did it anyways. Also they got rid of stacking heroes in quick play which really made me lose my appetite to play the game.
    Hopefully they reverse theses changes because half of the brawl gamemodes they added are a ghost town.

    • You can always do no limits. I get pretty mad at Overwatch recently so the hero limit helped.

      • Shrow

        No limits servers are a ghost town. I can try again but it seems like there are very long wait times.
        Quick play is supposed to be casual, without the hero limit I can play any character any time I want.
        Hero limits should have stayed only on competitive play hence why it’s called “competitive play”.

    • Hey Shrow. I’m good. Tasted that dessert I made earlier. It’s… much sweeter than I expected.

      Still good, tho.

  • Welp, The Iron Giant is on TV. Time to relive those childhood memories.

  • Jonny

    Lelouch is ordering me to talk here. So I’m on the final chapter on Corpse Party for the 3DS and I was wondering how many times I need to chant in the game?