Movie Night #2 Voting


I can’t remember if I used this image last night, and I’m too lazy to look. Oh well. Anyway, movie night got off to a really rocky start last night, but that is partly my fault for giving you all less than 24 hours to vote and not giving myself enough time to look through the results and see if they’re feasible.

So, go down below, read a few simple guidelines, and vote for the next movie! 

So, rules, I guess I should be a bit more specific: Vote for any movie you want so long as it meets 4 criteria:

  • It must be anime.
  • It must be a movie that is not on the “Watched” list, unless it has been a long time since we last watched it (think 9-10 months).
  • There must be good quality versions of the movie online. Best way to gauge that would probably be if there are DVD/Blu-Rays of the movie.
  • It must be a standalone movie. It cannot be based off a show. If a show is based off the movie, then that is fine, but the movie must be the start of a series or a standalone production (excluding series that we’ve done a rewatch of).

What we’ve already watched:
My Neighbor Totoro


Vote below and be sure to upvote your own comment!