Desu Daily Comes to Patreon!


Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Gosh, I really love Desu Daily. I wish I had some way to show my supprt!” Well, fine viewer, that way is now open. Introducing Desu Daily’s patreon page!

We’ve been playing with the idea of opening a Patreon to help the site out, and since we knew EQD had one, we figured why not follow in their footsteps (hoofsteps?). So, we’ve made ourself a patreon page, complete with some perks for donating. They include things like:

  • Having your name on a special credits page!
  • A fancy role on our Discord server!
  • The ability to have a character of your choice on the banner!
  • A spot on the side bar to promote your own goodies!

It’s more than just a tip jar. It’s an advanced tip jar.

And best of all, if you can’t donate or don’t want to, nothing changes for you! Desu Daily will always be completely free to access and use. Patreon is more of a way of saying thanks and getting some goodies in return.

Check after the break for a few more details, and if you wanna see the page for yourself, click here!

Desu Daily was first launched in January of 2015, with the goal of providing a hub for anime news, fan content, and to build a community. While we largely succeeded with that goal, copyright had a different plan. Being hosted on Blogger, a Google-owned platform, copyright was very finicky. Even though we never actually violated copyright law, bots hit us hard with reports, and the site was terminated. That same month, Desu Daily was built from the ground up and hosted on WordPress, back better than ever before. Disaster struck again in July, when the site and it’s backups were accidentally deleted by the datacenter we were hosted on. Things seemed bleak, but after several months, we came back again, this time intent on staying.

So yeah, we’ve had a bit of a rough time.

Since switching to WordPress, we’ve had to deal with new costs in keeping the site up. Server upkeep, bandwidth, backup tools, etc. add on to what we have to pay each month, on top of the time we put in, of course. So, Desu Daily has come to Patreon as an extra means to get support. After all, in the age of AdBlock, and with how unobtrusive we try to make our ads, they don’t really pay the bills.

What’s Changing?
Nothing! Patreon is simply here to provide an additional method for passionate Desu Daily fans to show their support. Nothing is being locked behind a paywall, and no part of the site will be inaccessible to non-donors. You get the same experience being a patron as you do without.

While there are some benefits of being a patreon, they won’t affect the site’s usability! Rest easy.