Cosplay Spotlight #1

Welcome back, everyone! Here’s a new cosplay spotlight for launch day.

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Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy by OdiniaCosplay

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Ayame by melaniejoanneutau

[4] Source

Kotori Minami by MimiEmotion

[5] Source

Sakura by Kogalover-Zoe

[6] Source

Hanayo Koizumi (Magician set) [Love Live] by kokoammm

[7] Source

Miku Senbonzakura [3] by Nayuki-tan

[8] Source

Star Guardian Janna – League of Legends by Kinpatsu-Cosplay

[9] Source

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Team Skull Grunt Cosplay by splgum

[10] Source

Eli Ayase (Snowy Mountain) by JustPeachyCosplay

[11] Source

Ryoko Asakura Cosplay #18 by DmC by DrawMeaCosplay

[12] Source

Ruby Rose III by LuxCosplay

[13] Source

When Marnie Was There by JuriaScarlet

[14] Source

Kaname Buccaneer Final Handmade Costume and acc by AraraRuna

[15] Source

Satoko Hojo ~ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ~ Cosplay by Zucker-mausi

[16] Source

jibril no game no life cosplay by kamira-art-cosplay

[17] Source

Fight for the vital regions by riona-enolli

[18] Source

LA ComicCon 2016 Juri Han Cosplay 2 by Tasha Leigh by Joel111011

[19] Source

Super Sonico Beach Fun by CosmicCloudss

[20] Source

Black Star by LaYonnaH

[21] Source

Krul Tepes Otakon 2016 by Living-Still

[22] Source

Alisha Diphda – After Stoy by OrchidOracle

[23] Source

Margaret by aoandou

[24] Source

Water Nebula! by TheBurningWitch

[25] Source

Touka Kirishima by Eris-Cosplay

[26] Source

LoveLive Nico Cosplay by JulietAsakura

[27] Source

Faye Valentine by Sutibu-sama

[28] Source

Kaori Miyazono and Kousei Arima by Faid-Eyren

[29] Source

Phantas Moon 002 by Lini-Lehita

[30] Source

Neptune Vasilias Cosplay – RWBY by Joonkire

[31] Source

Female Alucard Cosplay by Kisatura

[32] Source

Noctis Shoot – 01 by Ryvain-Cosplay

[33] Source

Fight by Aniki-Fair

[34] Source

Trick or Treat? by Tanpopo89

[35] Source

Mawaru Penguindrum by Chibi-Juice

[36] Source

Yes. by AetheyaCosplay

[37] Source

Type-Moon Fes 10th Anniversary Event Official Pamp by Korixxkairi