Anime Rewatch #1 Voting


How could we not bring back one of the staples of Desu Daily? Yes my friends, it’s time to start up our Anime Rewatch series!

For those old and those new, let’s explain how this works. We’re going to pick an anime to watch as a site! And we’re doing it by popular vote.

If you have an anime you want to watch, put it in a comment down below. Make sure to limit yourself to one anime per comment! And be sure to check through the comments that are already there. If you see a show you’d like to watch, go on and give it an upvote.

The anime with the most upvotes by, say, Thursday, the 10th, will be what we watch.

So hop in those comments and get voting!

(Just throw the old list of what we’ve already watched out the window, we’re starting fresh.)