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Anime Rewatch #1: The [email protected] Cinderella Girls – S2 Episode 7


Let’s keep this idol train going!

Today we’ll be watching season two, episode seven of The [email protected] Cinderella Girls, titled “Which way should I go to get to the castle?”

You can find this episode on Daisuki, YouTube, or after the break.

Discussion and spoilers below.

  • Brian Punch

    Spectacular [email protected]

  • Komacheeky
  • AlienWarhead

    More Rin and Anatasia is great, but this episode was alright, I wasn’t feeling this episode.

  • Komacheeky

    Fumika’s eyes are great at drawing me in.
    Such personal development.
    Producer gotta think what’s good for his idols.
    I wish New Gen would have talked about things more, especially because of the coming episodes.