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Anime Rewatch #1: The [email protected] Cinderella Girls – Episode 1


It’s time for our very first anime rewatch on our rebooted Desu Daily! Unsurprisingly, it’s an idol show.

Today we’re on episode one, titled “Who is in the pumpkin carriage?”

You can find it on Daisuki, YouTube, or… right after the break! Yeah, it’s embedded. That’s cool.

Discussion and spoilers after the break.

  • AngelSassin

    I’m ready for this party!
    Screw school, I’m watching this episode

  • Komacheeky

    In rewatching this series, I’m expecting you people to pay more attention to the side characters and the cameos that you don’t realize are cameos.

    • AngelSassin

      of course!

  • AngelSassin

    Alright, finished the episode. I’m expecting greatness. …which is a safe assumption with this one.

    • AngelSassin

      This first episode is a real hook.

      First off, the fun cameos. Not only do we see idols who have already had their debut and success, who we already know and love (Chihaya is best gril), we also get to see idols who will appear in the future, especially that hot Onee-san who is absolutely perfe- …I digress.

      The FRIGGIN CLOCK SYMBOLISM. A major theme in this show is that once your time starts, it doesn’t stop. The clock is constantly approaching midnight, but it never reaches (yet, but that’s later). The time IS approaching, however, and that’s why an idol must never stop practicing. Uzuki knows that.

      Notable clock examples: The out-of-order clock in the practice room, where the out-of-order paper falls off when Uzuki is offered a position as a CG. The clocks in the opening (which in itself is full of symbolism), especially that fast-spinning clock that almost reached midnight but not really.

      ANYWAY, the relationship that Uzuki and Rin develop is so sweet. Nobody can resist the pure innocence of the Uzuki smile and dream. The persistence of the Producer, which is quite unconventional. Then again, everything he does is business-unconventional, and it works.

      I don’t know how to analysis. So enjoy a random rant about random things.

      • Shadaroo

        OOOOOOOOOH! I never caught onto the clock symbolism. I noticed it, but I never fully understood what it meant! The whole clock striking midnight stuff is pretty sick with the whole “Cinderella” name and whatnot. Noice.

  • Shadaroo

    So since I was so busy today, I’m just gonna do a quick review of this episode. No recap or anything too deep. I’ll do dat tomorrow probs.

    Okie, so this first episode is solid. (if ya want a good analysis look at AngelSassin’s stuff there) But we see Uzuki who is GANBARAMASU’ing her way into your heart. And Rin who is a coolio person. And if I recall, no other IDOLS were in this episode right? Right? At least not in a major way.

    Also Producer/Board-san is hero forever. His determination is quite admirable. Sometimes ya gotta get a few restraining orders to make an omelette.

    Overall, good stuff so far.

    Have a Producer.

  • Komacheeky

    Part of why I like this series is the mild fantastical(?), magical(?) (describing is hard) feeling it gives me. Not quite realistic but also not too over the top. Producer helps carry that with his personality which can be seen in this episode.

    I really like the lighting during the park scene. For me, it makes the conversation between Uzuki and Rin more intimate than it already is. It also helps build to the feely part with Uzuki talking about her dream and the ED as Rin contemplates joining up.

    Oh hmm, the first two lines of the ED song in this episode kind of sum up what I typed.
    – Living in a dream
    – I’m feeling the light of fantasy

  • AlienWarhead

    Wow this producer is very different and I guess this show is just going to focus on 3 idols, I remember thinking the last show had too many characters the first time I watched, but I didn’t mind after a while. Anyway I like Rin so far and I like the going for your dreams stuff even though it sometimes makes me feel bad because I lack motivation and my dreams didn’t come true.

  • Komacheeky
  • Shrow

    Alright so I got around to watching the idol Cinderella Girls anime (CG) and I have to say it looks pretty promising.
    For the first episode I am enjoying the characters more. Less happy-go-lucky cute characters, the theme is really interesting. I wonder where it will go. Until next re-watch.