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Anime Rewatch #1 Results


Our voting has reached a conclusion, and the people have spoken. Our first rewatch on the relaunched Desu Daily is… The [email protected] Cinderella Girls!

It looks like the only place to watch this is Daisuki, so get that bookmarked and come back here tomorrow and we’ll get started.

Edit: You can also watch it on Daisuki’s official YouTube page! And that means I can embed them directly into posts.

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  • Awesome!

  • Komacheeky

    If anyone’s actually going to watch from official sources, it’s also on Daisuki’s YouTube.

    • Alexstrazsa

      Oh nice. Excellent find.


  • Shadaroo

    If I’m here for this episode, I’m gonna be late. Still, I plan to be here!


  • AngelSassin

    Since this is fresh in my mind after having watched it only a month ago, I’ll be heavily contrasting every episode to the completed story. Analysis mode, activate!

  • AngelSassin

    Reminder that these girls are also cute.[email protected]+-+24+-+Large+35.jpg