Anime Art #2

It’s a cute Miku with a watering can! What more could you want?

More after the break!

[1] Source

Vocaloid watercolor by emperpep

[2] Source

OCs — Ceros (+timelapse) by onisuu

[3] Source

Winter’s coming by ArucardPL

[4] Source

Necromancer by aionlights

[5] Source

Birthday Wish by robotfish

[6] Source

Ghoulshipping – Chiine x Marik by MouHitoriNoBoku

[7] Source

Untitled by comicamanager

[8] Source

for realsies? by fuanteinaa

[9] Source

Mikasa Ackerman by CrystalMelody-FT

[10] Source

Joan by MoryaPanima

[11] Source

Pocky Day by Magancito

[12] Source


[13] Source

Akame Ga Kill Chapter 76 – Esdeath by AnimeFanNo1

[14] Source

Fairy Tail – Wendy Firefly Crossover C.C.Sakura by nina2119

[15] Source

IMG_7211 Colored by kiriche

[16] Source

Rubber suit by legion3498

[17] Source

Yang Xiao Long by alex-malveda

[18] Source

Arcade Ahri by BADCOMPZERO


[19] Source

Gumi by NauticaWilliams

[20] Source

Your Name by Porforever

[21] Source

Pokemon Starters by Twarda8

[22] Source

Senritsu no Tatsumaki by Obakawaii

[23] Source

[HDN] A Disturbance in the Force by Men-dont-scream

[24] Source

Snow Miku 2016 by NauticaWilliams

[25] Source

Goodnight by ikimaru-art

[26] Source

Magical Girls: Fluffy cake by hieihirai

[27] Source

Kuroshitsuji: ”Smile” by thenzcchi

[28] Source

Water Sport by comicamanager

[29] Source

ink by Telemaniakk

[30] Source

gift by Rasbii

[31] Source

The One-Eyed King by KhalilXPirates

[32] Source

– Art trade- Silverblossom by janirotluvx

[33] Source

Goodbye, thank you by Eyliant

[34] Source

[..] It won’t hurt you, I promise by GazeRei

[35] Source

Little Parade – Hatsune Miku – FanART by Eirlysie

[36] Source

Tranquil by elRion-XIII

[37] Source

do i feel lucky by toff-pine

[38] Source

Chihiro by AimedZ

[39] Source

Doll by ragecndy

[40] Source

Futaba Sakura by yagaminoue

[41] Source

lunch time by shi-k

[42] Source

Budog by KOUMI04

[43] Source

Sombra by Pmolita

[44] Source

[CM] Chichok by yulipo

[45] Source

Constellations by Pastyllia

[46] Source

The lifemaker /Sketch by toniinfante

[47] Source

Commission: Hanged-Hourai by Rinslettuce

[48] Source

Kenma by matyosandon

[49] Source

– Kiriban – zackfury by janirotluvx

[50] Source

Doodle~~ (adopt available) by Sonakii

[51] Source

last comm by Halphelt

[52] Source

(CM) – vallaserinat by kirimatsu

[53] Source

Rem by Korewa13th

[54] Source

p i n k by Kuroslayne

[55] Source

Bear’s Small Kiss by yura-tsuki