Anime Art #1

Why yes, it’s time for us to start up our art posts! Now instead of daily, these will probably be every other day or every few days to prevent burnout. Maybe in the future we’ll see about doing it more often.

But anyway, here’s some art! Check it out.

[1] Source

Commission – A Dose of Crazy by Hyanna-Natsu

[2] Source

Black Dragon. by yagamisiro

[3] Source

Raffle Prize: Leki-chan by rokupou

[4] Source

College Sailor Neptune by Lighane

[5] Source

Chromatic Spell by AquaZircon

[6] Source

RED BEAUTY by zipskyblue


[7] Source

101112-0311 by Nao-Yan

[8] Source

Dresses for a Proper Lady by Saphirinne

[9] Source

Commission – Isei Tamaki Yoshiro. by EvaDeMoore

[10] Source

707 – Mystic Messenger by Hana–bee

[11] Source

Mini World series – Eloen by AdlezAxel

[12] Source

Eshte and Kaiser by Claparo-Sans

[13] Source

Pocky Day 2016 by ZenithOmocha

[14] Source

Lazy afternoon by Ekkoberry

[15] Source

touch furfur hair by Leirix

[16] Source

Yato from Noragami by GuanlaoLineart

[17] Source

A Stolen Kiss by vichycoco

[18] Source

Weeping Willow by shihoran

[19] Source

[+ Speedpaint ] C: CrystallizedJello by CHARIKO

[20] Source

Halloween 2k16 by dmarichanb

[21] Source

Reading time! by Piss-kun

[22] Source

COM2016 – Sakura : Valentine’s Day by Kazenokaze

[23] Source

C: Cutesu by PuffyPrincess

[24] Source

[f] viktor yuri by sonatine-artsu

[25] Source

love is disappointed in me by sorrysap

[26] Source

TH: miusagi by milkuriem

[27] Source

Lilith Fanart by xa-xa-xa

[28] Source

— by INstockee

[29] Source

Misty by Ladowska

[30] Source

20th Sunrise by JouFang

[31] Source

(+NSFW) Saya (Higschool of the Dead) (Free To Use) by customwaifus


[32] Source


[33] Source

Saizo – Fire Emblem Fates by ACID35

[34] Source

Yuuri Katsuki by Fareow

[35] Source

RO CON: WoE by kyuuseisha

[36] Source

Little you by Kagura-Kurosaki

[37] Source

marshmallow chibi commission by Antay6009

[38] Source

[Req] Red hair by miruukii-hime

[39] Source

AT: Sushi Boi by SecretNarcissist

[40] Source

CM: Busty Etna (w/ timelapse) by Kuroonehalf


[41] Source

Naruto solo #lineas by LuiggiSerrano

[42] Source

C : Quaazera by pepapen

[43] Source

COMM: Darius and Zayel by AkubakaArts

[44] Source

~~~~~P~~~~ by MakaShikami

[45] Source

Angel by Vanilla-Cherie

[46] Source

[C] Witch by Riuuzu

[47] Source

[C] Detailed chibi: Rinuii by Erickiwi-adopts

[48] Source

Random Pink Girl by SAHGA

[49] Source

Pokemon SunMoon by Eciilia

[50] Source

Blonde-chan~ by KeenH

[51] Source

[C] Jacksonisdank by Seraphy-chan

[52] Source

by vanilla-cheesecake

[53] Source

Hairstyles:: Adilene by Pandastrophic

[54] Source

You ordered a cinnamon roll, senpai? by Milavana

[55] Source

Blanche! by SaraDeek

[56] Source

SatoshixYutaka. ”Your Night.” by iugen

[57] Source

CM: Quantablos by KurumiErika

[58] Source

Character Poll #50: Nina Tucker by kaiyuan

[59] Source

Kira Queen by DoritoMeatbag

[60] Source

Original – Come with me by Hyanna-Natsu

[61] Source

Love is – Speedpaint video #10 by Daikazoku63