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Good Smile Company and Max Factory Release Wonder Festival Teasers

With Winter Wonder Festival right around the corner, Good Smile Company and Max Factory have revealed some teasers for the new figurines they’re announcing this year.

For those unfamiliar with Wonder Festival, it is the world’s biggest figure festival and takes place twice a year in both Summer and Winter. Good Smile Company and Max Factory will be attending the event with a joint booth titled “WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 25”. This year’s Winter Wonder Festival begins on February 19.

Can you recognize any of the figures? Because all of Good Smile Company’s photos were easily recognizable last year, they’ve increased the difficulty this year.

Check out the teasers after the break!

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Good Smile Company Reveals Wonder Festival Exclusive Figurines

Wonder Festival is coming up soon! In preparation for that, Good Smile Company has begun to show off their exclusive figurines. They will be available to purchase from the Wonder Festival venue, as well as online for a limited time after the event has begun.

Their exclusives include a Snow Miku 2017 Nendoroid, a Snow Miku 2017 figma, a Gudako Nendoroid (Fate/Grand Order), a Saber Lily figma (Fate/Grand Order), a Zuikaku Kai Nendoroid (Kantai Collection), and a set of Mary and Vira Medicchus (Granblue Fantasy).

All exclusives will be available to order online between February 19 and February 28. Only a limited supply is available, so some of these items may sell out early.

You can find more information about everything after the break!

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