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Anime Rewatch #6: Steins;Gate – Episode 1

Alright friendos, let’s start off this anime with the logical beginning!

We’re on episode one of Steins;Gate, titled “Prologue of the Beginning and Ending”

You can find it on Funimation, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon. Also, the physical version!

Give it a watch, then come back here and talk about it.

Discussion and spoilers after the break!

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Anime Rewatch #6 Results!

Upvotes have been clicked, votes have been made, and we have our winner. The next rewatch will be none other than Steins;Gate! I’ve been meaning to watch this one.

You can check it out on Funimation, both Dubbed and Subbed on YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon! It is surprisingly available. And, as always, there’s the physical version from Amazon.

Pick however it is you want to watch it, then come here tomorrow, May 25th, and watch it with us!

Anime Rewatch #6 Voting

This has been a long time coming! Death Parade has been wrapped up for a while, so I think it’s time for us to vote on the next rewatch!

Pop those anime suggestions in the comments, making sure you only put one per comment. If someone else wrote your suggestion, upvote their comment!

Let’s say whichever anime has the most upvotes by Wednesday, the 24th, will be what we watch next!

Our past rewatches were:
– Death Parade
– Gakkou Gurashi!
– Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
– The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls
– Cowboy Bebop

Get in those comments and start voting!

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Anime Rewatch #5: Death Parade – Episode 12

We totally did this long pause on purpose so these last couple of episodes can really sink in.

Today we’ll be watching the final episode of Death Parade, episode twelve, titled “Suicide Tour”.

You can find the episode on Hulu, Funimation, Amazon, or YouTube. Or get the box set!

Discussion and spoilers after the break.

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