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New PV and Character Designs for “Konosuba” Season 2

New content has been released for Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!) season 2! The promotional video that was uploaded earlier today previews two new characters that will be appearing in the upcoming season: Sena and Vanir. Sena will be voiced by Hitomi Nabatame and Vanir will be voiced by Masakazu Nishida. Character designs for both characters were released.

The video also shows off the opening and ending themes for this season: “Tomorrow” by Machico and “Ouchi ni Kaeritai” by Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano (the voice actresses for Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness).

Season 2 will begin airing on January 11.

You can find the video and designs after the break!

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12/12/16 Anime Releases

Well, Scorching Ping Ping Girls looks interesting.

6:55am – Puzzle & Dragons X – Episodes 23, 24
7:30am – JOKER – Episodes 49, 50
10:00am – The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D – Episodes 10, 11
12:35pm – Trickster – Episodes 10, 11
1:00pm – Gakuen Handsome – Episodes 10, 11
2:05pm – Scorching Ping Pong Girls – Episodes 10, 11
6:15pm – Nyanbo! – Episodes 11, 12

9:30pm – Orange (Dub) – Episode 8
10:00pm – Yuri!!! On ICE (Dub) – Episode 8

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More info after the break!

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Movie Night #5 Voting

Image result for ponyo

So… I guess we’ll continue with this? Anyway, the rules are the same as always. One movie per comment, number of upvotes is what is counted, so upvote your own comment. Don’t pick anything on the list. Try not to pick something that requires one to have previously watched a show.

What we’ve watched:

My Neighbor Totoro
Tokyo Godfathers
Princess Mononoke

Vote below!

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“Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou” TV Anime Announced

A continuation of the idol anime, Wake Up, Girls!, has been announced for 2017! Wake Up Girls! Shin Shou will follow the original members of the band, as well as include some new characters. An audition will be held between December 11 and January 16 to cast the voices for the three new characters.

Those who pass the first entry audition period will be narrowed down through a second screening held between February 4 and February 25. The final cast screening will be on March 11 in Tokyo. The voice actresses for the 7 original band members will be returning for this series.

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis for Wake Up, Girls! as:

“On Christmas 2013, the band Wake Up, Girls plays their debut song to a small audience without much fanfare. After the concert, the group’s manager takes off with the money, leaving Green Leaves Entertainment on the verge of closure and the band without a future.

Despite this tumultuous beginning, the girls get a second chance, thanks to a mysterious benefactor and a shady business proposal. From here it’s a rocky climb to the top, but it’s a climb the girls are ready to make. Wake Up, Girls! follows the internal and external struggles of being a small-time idol girl band, from finding and accepting gigs to competing in popularity against other pop bands.

Through the band, the girls come to accept their pasts and become more certain about their futures. Faced with increasing stakes and popularity, each of the band’s seven members must find the strength and courage inside herself to give her all to the band.”

You can find the videos for the anime and audition, along with some visuals, after the break!

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Anime Rewatch #2 Voting

Oh boy. I finally get to use one of my infinite Cinderella Girls screencaps for a post.

Well folks, it’s time for the next round of rewatch voting.

If you have an anime you want to watch, put it in a comment down below. Make sure to limit yourself to one anime per comment! And be sure to check through the comments that are already there. If you see a show you’d like to watch, upvote the comment.

The anime with the most upvotes by Wednesday, December 14th will be the rewatch.

Here’s what we’ve watched so far:
The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls

Go on below and vote!

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12/11/16 Anime Releases

I’m using this as an excuse to post something from Magic-Kyun! Renaissance. It’s my guilty pleasure this season.

4:00am – Mobile Suit GUNDAM Iron Blooded Orphans 2nd Season – Episode 35
9:00am – Show By Rock!! – Episodes 10, 11
11:00am – My Wife is the Student Council President+! – Episode 11
11:00am – Touken Ranbu – Hanamaru – Episodes 10, 11
11:30am – Magic-Kyun! Renaissance – Episodes 10, 11
12:30pm – Hagane Orchestra – Episodes 9, 10
3:15pm – Aooni The Blue Monster – Episodes 9, 10

2:05pm – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. – Episodes 21, 22
9:00pm – 91 Days (Dub) – Episode 7.5
9:30pm – Monster Hunter Stories Ride On (Dub) – Episode 7
10:00pm – Drifters (Dub) – Episode 6

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More info after the break!

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Preorders Open for “Pop Team Epic” Nendoroids

Ever seen these two girls? If you haven’t, they’re from a popular 4-panel manga series by Bkub Okawa titled Poputepipikku or Pop Team Epic in English. The series is full of anime/manga/video game references, and is very bizarre and hard to describe. It follows the antics of two high school girls named Popuko and Pipimi. Popuko is short and very easily angered, while Pipimi is taller and quite calm.

The Popuko Nendoroid is approximately 70mm tall (about 2.8 inches) and the Pipimi one is 110mm tall (about 4.3 inches). They can both be preordered through the Good Smile Company Online Shop: Popuko for 4,500 yen (roughly $39.05) and Pipimi for 4,200 yen (roughly $36.45) including tax.

Preorders end on January 12 and they will both be released in June 2017.

You can see more pictures and information after the break!

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